Walker Evans, Butcher Sign, Mississippi, 1936

Thomas Ruff, Porträt (S Buch), 1988

“In order fully and correctly to appreciate the reality of Form, it is necessary to get into a state of perfect consciousness. The reality of Form can only be transcribed through a mechanical process, in which the craftsmanship of man does not enter as a principal factor. There is no other process to accomplish this than photography. The photographer — the true photographer — is he who has become able, through a state of perfect consciousness, to possess such he clear view of things as to enable him to understand and feel the beauty of the reality of Form. The more we consider photography, the more convinced we are that it has come to draw away the veil of mystery with which art enveloped the represented Form.”

Marius De Zayas, Photography and Artistic-Photography

Paul Graham, A shimmer of possibility, 2007

Gabriel Orozco, Breath on Piano, 1993

Michael Haneke, Cache, 2005

Mårten Lange, Another Language, 2012

Piet Mondrian, Composition C (No.III) with Red, Yellow and Blue

Jason Fulford, Picture Summer on Kodak Film, 2020

Werner Herzog sequence, TOKYO-GA by Wim Wenders

Rodney Graham, Rheinmetall_Victoria 8, 2003 (instalation)

Heinrich Dunst (installation)

Bernd _ Hilla Becher, Water Towers, 1970-2010

Larry Sultan and Mike Mandel, Evidence, 1977

Helvetica (font), 1957


Jana Romanova, Images I can’t show, 2021

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