Alvin Lucier performing Sferics (1981), sound installation and recordings of ionospheric disturbances for large-loop antennas, tape recorder, and playback system, Middletown, Connecticut, late 1980s, courtesy Alvin Lucier and Tilton Gallery, New York

Michael Snow, Wavelength, 1967

Duane Michals, This photograph is my proof, 1967

Hollis Frampton, Nostalgia, 1971

Everywhere at the End of Time is the eleventh recording by the Caretaker, an alias of English electronic musician Leyland Kirby. Released between 2016 and 2019, its six studio albums use degrading loops of sampled ballroom music to portray the progression of Alzheimer's disease. The album covers are abstract paintings by his friend Ivan Seal.

Michael Haneke, Der Siebente Kontinent, 1989

Vlatko Vincek, Titivillus, 2021

Vlatko Vincek, Anti, 2011/2012

Ivan Ladislav Galeta, Moj otac Karlo, 1991

Ivan Ladislav Galeta, Moj otac Karlo, 1991

Susan Hiller, Collected works, 1968-1972

Susan Hiller, Collected works, 1968-1972

Bruce Nauman, Good Boy Bad Boy, 1985

Andrzej Zulawski, Na srebrnym globie, 1988.

Željko Jerman, Ostavljam trag, 1975

Christian Boltanski, Les Archives du Coeur

"Les Archives du Cœur", by Christian Boltanski, permanently houses recordings of the heartbeats of people throughout the world. Christian Boltanski has been recording these heartbeats since 2008.

Les Archives du Cœur is a testament to the recordees' existence.

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