Daisies (Czech: Sedmikrásky) is a 1966 Czechoslovakian surrealist comedy-drama film written and directed by Věra Chytilová

Iz filma Kagerô-za iz 1981 godine, Japanskoj redatelja Seijun Suzuki

Planète Sauvage Film 1973

Frances Ha, Noah Baumbach, 2017.

Faces Places, Agnes Varda and JR, 2017

The basis of drama is ... is the struggle of the hero towards a specific goal at the end of which he realizes that what kept him from it was, in the lesser drama, civilization and, in the great drama, the discovery of something that he did not set out to discover but which can be seen retrospectively as inevitable. The example Aristotle uses, of course, is Oedipus.

― David Mamet 

Agnès Varda, Les plages d'Agnès

Andrei Tarkovsky, Life Life

Joachim Trier, Oslo, 31st August

Bianca Giaever, The Scared is scared, 2013, 7’52’’

During a party, Luis Buñuel, seduced by Carrington’s beauty and emboldened by the notion that she had transcended all bourgeois morality, proposed (with his characteristic bluntness) that she become his mistress. Without even waiting for her answer, he gave her the key to the secret studio that he used as a love nest and told her to meet him at three o’clock the next afternoon. Early the next morning, Leonora went to visit the place alone. She found it tasteless: It looked exactly like a motel room. Taking advantage of the fact that she was in her menstrual period, she covered her hands with blood and used them to make bloody handprints all over the walls in order to provide a bit of decoration for that anonymous, impersonal room. Buñuel never spoke to her again.

― Alejandro Jodorowsky, The Spiritual Journey of Alejandro Jodorowsky: The Creator of El Topo

Andrei Tarkovsky, Instant light

Andrei Tarkovsky, Instant light

Wim Wenders, Instant Stories

Wim Wenders, Instant Stories
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